How do I download transactions from online banking to my financial software?
Posted on 02 January 2018 03:33 PM

Transactions in online banking dating 2 years back to present can be downloaded.

To download transactions from STCU online banking:

  1. Login to your STCU online banking account at

  2. From the Dashboard, select the account from which you'd like to download transactions.

  3. If you downloaded STCU transactions to your financial software prior to 5/13/2014, you may want to add a date filter before each download. Doing so will help avoid duplicating old transactions, and allow your financial software to more quickly download new transactions. To download transactions for a specific date range, click the Filter  button located just below the Transactions tab, and choose one of the custom search options listed. Click the red Search button to update the results. Note: Transactions dated older than 8/8/2011 are not available for download.

  4. Click the Export  button located to the right of the printer icon. A pop-up box will appear with four different export formats available:
    • Quicken WebConnect (QFX)
    • Comma-Separated Values (CSV)
    • Open Financial Exchange (OFX)
    • QuickBooks (QBO)

  5. Select the desired export format, and click Export.
    • If you receive a browser warning message indicating the file may be cached, click OK on the warning message.
    • If you receive an option to Open, Save, or Cancel, click the Open option. If you don't receive such a message, you may need to locate and open the file from your browser's download folder.
    • If you are downloading a Quicken or QuickBooks file, the program should automatically recognize the file and download the transactions. If this is the first time you have downloaded transactions from this account, be certain you read and follow any windows or messages your financial program presents during the download process as they are critical to ensuring your STCU accounts are linked to your program properly.

Repeat the steps above on any additional accounts you wish to download.

The steps above will work for all STCU account types. If you are a Quicken or QuickBooks Online  user and your program supports Express Web Connect downloads, the connection method for many of your STCU accounts can be upgraded from Web Connect (the manual download process described above) to Express Web Connect (an automated download process) the next time you use the One Step Update feature after having completed the steps above. Express Web Connect will allow you to update multiple accounts at once without leaving Quicken or QuickBooks Online.

STCU credit cards do not support Express Web Connect and must therefore use the steps outlined above in order to be downloaded into Quicken or QuickBooks. Our goal is to improve this functionality and make credit card information available for automated downloads in future upgrades of our online banking system. Many other STCU loan accounts may support Express Web Connect. We recommend that you manually download transactions if your financial program does not upgrade the download connection to Express Web Connect.



Contact STCU via phone or live chat so we can further assist you.


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