What are the supported browsers and settings for online banking and billpay?
Posted on 06 December 2017 11:38 AM

The operating systems and desktop browsers that are officially supported by STCU's Online Banking and Billpay are:

Operating Systems

Desktop Browsers

*Beta versions of browsers are not officially supported.

Minimum System Requirements and Recommended Connection:

  • A valid email address and telephone number (an SMS capable device is optional but required to enable SMS alerts).
  • Standard PC or Mac (Pentium IV/1 GHz processor or higher/500 Mb RAM or greater).
  • A cable, DSL or ISDN internet connection is strongly suggested. Dial-up or satellite internet connections are not recommended for use with STCU's full desktop site. Instead dial-up or satellite internet connection users should use STCU's mobile website by visiting Some satellite cable connections can also have difficulty supporting encrypted (HTTPS) applications. Because STCU's online banking is HTTPS encrypted for the safety of your financial information, some satellite cable connections may exhibit slow or sporadic response.

Screen Resolution:

  • Minimum 1024 x 768
  • Windows Display Properties settings should be 96 dpi (Windows default)
  • Browser Text Size should be Medium.
  • Browser page zoom should be 100%.

Additional Information

  • JavaScript must be enabled for the application to function optimally
  • If JavaScript is disabled, certain features and functions will not work
  • If you are using an Amazon Kindle, some features of our full site may not work correctly. We do not officially support the Kindle's browser; however, you may find our mobile site works better on your device.

We recognize that our members have a variety of operating systems and web browsers from which to choose, and we want our members to have the best possible experience on the web when using our online banking system. However, we also recognize that it is nearly impossible to support all operating systems and web browsers. You are welcome to continue using an operating system or web browser that we do not officially support. However, STCU will be limited in our ability to support your use and we'll sometimes be unable to guarantee resolutions if you encounter unexpected behavior. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Contact STCU via phone or live chat so we can further assist you.
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